Board Reflow

I'd never done any kind if SMD or reflow work before starting out on this project, everything has always been THT and my now, much improved, hand soldering. For this project I wanted to try some SMD work.

I took a chance on a reflow plate I'd seen on Amazon. I'd read various reviews on how wonderful/terrible/dangerous/safe (delete as you see fit) these things were, but I decided to give it a go.

Reflow Hotplate

My first hurdle was accidentally forgetting to order a stencil with my PCB but I needed to order some more boards so I just added the stencil to the order. Do remember though, when ordering your stencil, to make sure you pick the 'custom size' option rather than leaving the standard 380mm x 280mm size selected. 🤦

reflow layout

reflow stencil

pick and place

reflowed board

Completed Board

manual parts solder